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The Crazed Ramblings Of A Madwoman

- An alternate Epilogue -

by Verrath

The original story is here:

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Epilogue (uncut)

Isabelle stole across the parking lot, her coat pulled up over her head against the driving rain, then squinted to find the correct door number in the dim light from the cloud-laden sky. Timidly, she knocked.

The door opened a crack, which widened just enough to admit the young woman. The room's occupant closed the door and helped Isabelle out of her coat, hanging it on a peg near the entrance.

"Did your mother give you trouble? I don't think she bought my disguise as the mail man."

Corina was wearing a faded black T-shirt over gray sweat pants and bare feet. Not terribly flattering, normally, but she pulled it off admirably. Isabelle felt drab in her short-sleeved, dark green blouse and blue denims.

Isabelle resisted the urge to throw her arms around the tall woman. Or to slap her. "I couldn't believe it when I got your message. I saw them wrap you up and carry you off in that body-bag..."

Corina chuckled mirthlessly. "Turns out I don't die that easily."

"They couldn't tell me anything, not where you were taken, not where you were buried. I couldn't even say good-bye."

"Now you know why."

Isabelle angrily wiped at her eyes. "It wasn't easy, moving on. What took you so long? It's been months."

Corina ran a hand through her hair. "I had little say in what went down after they carted me off with three bullets in me. I contacted you as soon as I could." She smiled somewhat bitterly. "It's nice to know someone missed me. Not something I expected."


Corina studied her. "Hoped, maybe. Expected... no."

Isabelle found it hard to hold on to anger or hurt with those intent blue eyes on her. What did it matter, Corina lived. She lived! At last, she smiled slowly, though her eyes still burned. "So... what happens now?"

In reply, Corina picked up a wallet from the night stand, and pulled out an ID card and a driver's license. She handed both to Isabelle.

Isabelle snorted "Coralee Fitzgerald? Really?"

Corina made a face. "Someone has a sense of humor. But, it's all there, spotless background - except for a speeding ticket or two for realism - social security number, college and high school records. I was born in Ireland, and my parents moved back there while I was in college. My college performance was mediocre," she rolled her eyes at that, "which is why I worked at the harbor loading containers until the company went out of business a few months ago. I have a savings account that will tide me along for a few months. I have no idea who's behind it, though. Must be someone really powerful - and really secretive."

"Wow. That 'someone' pulled some serious strings." Isabelle found herself thinking of a certain woman appearing to her inside a TV. "Maybe Mars isn't the only one messing with the world," she offered.

Corina considered that. "It's possible. I can only assume that at some point, someone is going to call in a few favors, and I hope I'll be ready to deliver. But for now - it's a fresh start for me. Maybe I can work on opening that biker bar I've always dreamed about."

Impulsively, Isabelle reached for Corina's hand. "You deserve it."

Corina glanced out the grimy window. "I was specifically told I can't contact anyone from my old life. But I just couldn't let you keep thinking I was dead." She squeezed Isabelle's hand, and gently tugged her closer. "I owe you that much. You saved me."

"I didn't do anything," Isabelle protested, "You're the one who died." Her breath caught as Corina's free arm went around her.

"You did more than you think," Corina murmured. "Thank you, Isabelle."

"Any time." Isabelle hesitantly returned the embrace, and buried her face against the tall woman's shoulder. "I'm just so glad you're still alive."

The moment didn't last nearly long enough. Corina pulled back and regarded her seriously. She seemed to be struggling to speak, pressing her lips together. A muscle in her jaw twitched.

Isabelle found her throat constricting as comprehension dawned. "Uh oh. Is this good-bye, then? Again?"

Corina looked away. "Yes. It's safer that way. For you. I just wanted you to know the truth before heading out."

Isabelle squeezed her eyes shut.

"Safer, my ass." The young woman surprised herself with her vehemence. But she knew that she wanted nothing more than to keep this woman in her life. She wasn't just going to walk away from this.

"What gave you the crack-brained idea that you can't have anyone care about you? Well, I do! All that bull about keeping me safe, of all things? What could be safer than having someone as bad-ass as you around to protect me? You can't just die, then walk back into my life and say 'surprise, I'm not dead', and then tell me you're going to walk out of it again. I'm not letting you! Do you really think I can just return to the way things were before? I can't go back home and pretend this never hap-" She was cut off as Corina leaned in and kissed her, startlingly and quite thoroughly.

Afterwards, light-headed and breathless, Isabelle leaned against the tall woman's chest. "What was that for?"

"Seemed the best way to stop you talking," Corina grinned gently. "You had me at 'well, I do'." Tenderly, she brushed Isabelle's cheek, then her lips, with calloused fingertips. "To be honest, I don't think I'd care to leave you behind, either."

"I guess that means we're agreed." Isabelle was sure her suddenly hoarse voice belied the lightness of her words. But, she did not care. All she could think of was how good it felt to be resting against this woman, to smell the clean crisp scent of minty soap, to feel the muscular body breathe against her. Wherever she had been in the last few months, Corina had certainly kept her body in shape.

"I guess it does." Corina hugged her closer. "So, you think I'm bad-ass, do you?" she murmured into Isabelle's ear.

"Well..." Heat suffused Isabelle's cheeks, and she felt more than heard the answering chuckle.

"Let me show you." The promise in that murmur sent giddy tingles all through Isabelle's body. Corina let her hands drop to run along the smaller woman's arms, and she could feel the callouses there, though the touch was light, almost tentative. It was hard to believe that this woman, who no doubt could beat the crap out of any man, could be so gentle.

Isabelle's hands moved of their own accord, catching Corina's and squeezing. She got a squeeze in return when she whispered "I think I'd like that."

Corina cupped her chin, tilted it up gently so that their eyes met. "But you're not sure."

Isabelle cleared her throat, and hesitated before speaking. "Two hours ago I still thought you were dead and gone," she said quietly. "And now here you are, and I can still hardly believe it. When I saw you last, you weren't this... friendly. It's a lot to take in. And there's so much I want to ask you."

"I'm not sure I can answer any of your questions. Not now, maybe not ever."

Isabelle nodded.

"But, I'm still the same woman who told you she'd not let anything happen to you," Corina added. She kept her hands still, as if waiting for Isabelle to make a move. She looked incredibly vulnerable at that moment, and Isabelle's heart went out to her all over again. Impulsively, she reached up to trace a finger along Corina's cheek.

"You know you scared the shit out of me when I first met you," she said, chewing on her lower lip.

"I know," said Corina, her eyes closing in response to the touch.

Isabelle let her fingers travel down Corina's throat. "But even so, I couldn't stay away."

"Silly girl," said Corina. She licked her lips and cleared her throat harshly.

"Glad I didn't." Isabelle dropped her hand, and waited until Corina opened her eyes again.

The raw passion there made Isabelle's breath catch. She admitted to herself that the woman still frightened her on some level. But right this moment, she didn't care.

The tall woman's arms went around her, pulled her close, brushing her forehead with a gentle kiss. Isabelle drew a shuddering breath, snaking her arms around the trim, muscular waist, feeling hot skin under the cool fabric of the T-Shirt. She tilted her head up, finding Corina's lips with her own, eagerly.

As their tongues met, dancing around one another, need stabbed through Isabelle, and she moaned softly.

The taller woman encountered no resistance when, still locked in the kiss, she slowly coaxed a weak-kneed Isabelle towards the shabby motel bed, where their lips finally broke apart, both women breathing hard.

Corina sat down on the bed, pulling Isabelle down beside her. Strong hands slipped under Isabelle's shirt, running along her back. Emboldened, Isabelle mirrored her, feeling Corina's rock-hard abdomen, iron underneath silk. Her fingers encountered a puckered scar just where the ribs began, and she paused. "Is this... ?"


Isabelle bit her lip. But she was distracted by Corina's attempts to unbutton her dark green shirt. When it lay in a pile on the floor, Corina pulled her own shirt over her head and flung it to the side, before laying back on the bed and pulling Isabelle down onto her. Right away her hand resumed their gentle stroking of Isabelle's back.

"That feels good," murmured Isabelle. She twisted to rest on one elbow, her free hand exploring the freshly exposed skin of Corina's stomach. She barely noticed when her bra became undone, and later would not remember exactly how it ended up draped over the reading light on the night stand. She did notice the shuddering breaths her caresses provoked, and growing bolder, reached behind the woman's back in an attempt to undo the sports bra that barred her way. But then she was rolled onto her back, as Corina softly began kissing the skin at her throat. A whiff of hot breath tickled her ear, and she gasped for air, her heart suddenly thumping double time.

Now able to reach Corina's back, Isabelle tore clumsily at the bra's catch, until she finally got rid of the offending garment, while Corina was kissing her way down her collarbone. When she reached one nipple, gently tracing it with the tip of her tongue, hot need jabbed Isabelle, and she began writhing rhythmically. Corina moved a hand down to the rim of her denims and deftly undid the button fly, then paused, lifted her head to look at Isabelle probingly.

With a husky growl, Isabelle pushed at Corina's hand. That was all the incentive the big woman needed. Pushing a hand underneath the panties, Corina slid two fingers inside her and was rewarded by a low, long moan as she slowly moved her fingers in time with the smaller woman's movement.

"Oh god, don't stop, don't stop," Isabelle breathed.

"I don't plan to." Corina's voice sounded rugged. "I've got you, Isabelle."

"Oh god," Isabelle panted again as those four words - just like that - brought her over the edge, and she spasmed wildly as Corina held her close, humming with pleasure against her ear.

"I've got you," Corina murmured again.

When the spots stopped dancing before her eyes, she found Corina looking at her with a tender smile on her face.

"Wow," was all she could think of saying.

She felt Corina's fingers slide out of her almost regretfully. Slowly she gathered her wits about her.

"I wasn't expecting this to be... one-sided," Isabelle said, reaching to run her hand through the other's hair. "Or so quick."

"Mmh, that's fine," said Corina.

"No, it's not." Abruptly, she twisted, meaning to roll Corina onto her back in order to give back some of what she received, but a rock-hard grip around her wrist stopped her. The look on Corina's face reminded her of a cornered alley-cat. Confused, Isabelle tried to pull her hand free, but the other woman's hold was like a vice.

The moment lasted only a few seconds; then Corina closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. The grip around Isabelle's wrist loosened, Corina appeared to relax again, but the look she gave Isabelle was apprehensive. "It really is fine," she said quietly. "You don't have to-"

"Corina." It suddenly occurred to Isabelle that giving herself to someone, showing that kind of weakness to another human being, might be more of a challenge than this woman could handle. She leaned in and placed a kiss on the corner of Corina's mouth.

"I want to."

Corina cleared her throat, and nodded. "Not going to stop you," she smiled weakly.

For Isabelle, it was a new experience, being with a woman, and she took her time cautiously exploring the muscular yet feminine body beneath her hands and lips, breathing in that scent of minty soap mingled with the unmistakably musky scent of passion. Perhaps her concerns had been unfounded, for soon Corina's fingers were tangled in her hair, and the other's ragged breathing said that reserve had gone out the window long ago.

When her timidly questing fingers slid inside the sweat pants to run along Corina's inner thigh, she was rewarded with a long, shuddering breath and a convulsive tightening of Corina's fingers in her hair. When she gingerly entered her, she found hot, slick wetness, and her own arousal returned with a vengeance.

Corina must have sensed it, for soon one of her hands found Isabelle's center again, while the other pulled her in for a fiery kiss. They moved in unison, the smaller body fitting against the bigger naturally, and, clinging to one another, they came to a passionate release. Corina, in near silence, nearly crushed her with her hold as she climaxed, but Isabelle didn't care as she moaned softly against the tall woman's neck at the height of her own passion.

Sweat-soaked and breathless, they just lay there for a while, drinking in the sight of each other, until the light from outside was nearly gone. Eventually, Corina pulled out the covers and they slipped underneath, spent and suddenly sleepy.

"So," said Isabelle slowly. "Do all your first dates go like this?"

Corina considered for a moment. "Actually, I consider this our third."

They shared a chuckle, as Corina draped an arm around Isabelle.

Isabelle's last thought before sleep claimed her was that she could certainly get used to being curled up against this terrifying, strong, wonderful woman.


Fade out...

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