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* Xena Online Community
Still rather active, has a large forum and chatroom to discuss the show and all aspects of it (including fanfic)
* The Xena Library
"We at the Xena Library have an exciting goal . . . an index site with links to every Xena fanfic story available! This is very much a "work in progress", so please check back often." Also offers ebook formats.
* The Bard's Corner
MaryD's huge fan fiction archive.
* Bibliotheca.de
German fanfiction site (Xena and other fandoms).
* The Pink Rabbit Consortium
Fanfic, Artwork, etc. (Xena and other fandoms).
* The Royal Academy Of Bards
Fan fiction, poetry, interviews with bards.
* Xena Fan Fiction For The Palm Pilot
Don't have one myself, but I think it's a cool idea!
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* Archaeobard
One word - Nipple! <G> ... Okay, well, maybe one word isn't quite enough to describe all of Archaeobard <EG>. Run, don't walk, over there and see for yourself!
* Autolycus
It's the King of Thieves himself, gracing us with his writing. Uber, fluff, and filks by that insufferably charming rogue <G>
* Melissa Good
Missy's story "Bound" was what alerted me to subtext and thus hooked me into the Xenaverse. I owe her big! :-)
* Roselle Graskey
Now let's see, what to say about this one... <EG> One bit of advice - keep her away from large spiders. Oh, and read her books.
* BL Miller
Pass that Amazon Ice!!
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* The Athenaeum
* Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews
* The Uber Abode
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* Hudson Leick Fanclub
official homepage
* Alexandra Tydings
her official homepage
* Non-Xena artwork by Verrath
<G> One of these is from 1975, while I was in Kindergarten. Can you figure out which? ;-) Also has a few photos, if you really wanna know what I look like...
* Whoosh!
Online magazine covering Xena and many other fandoms, with articles, interviews and transcripts. There is also an interview with me by Amy. :-)
* Wordscape Fiction
A Bardic Circle Division devoted to original fiction. They've also got an interview with me, which, with permission, I've reproduced on my site.
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* The Guild Of Tales
Verrath's own chat room! Check it out! Powered by SpinCHAT (requires Java)
Or, join the mailing list at YahooGroups
* ICQ2Go
Web version; no install required. It does require Java or Flash plugin.
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